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There are many opinions of how beef should taste. We deliver beef with high-quality flavor.  When the ground beef hits the pan, notice how lean it is.  But when the steak hits your mouth, catch the flavor explosion!  

We figure that if we won’t bet on ourselves, why will anyone else??? So because we want you to be 100% confident in Third Day Beef we’ll keep some skin in the game at all times! 

So we guarantee that if you don’t love the taste of Third Day Beef, we will refund your money for any unused portion of beef not already thawed! That’s our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! In fact, once you’ve had Third Day beef, we don’t think you’ll buy grocery store beef ever again!

The incredible taste of Third Day Beef is achieved through a strategic balance of grazing time on our irrigated, quality Coastal Bermuda pastures and a specific ration of all natural grains towards the end of the finishing process. Our feeds are all natural, with no animal by-products or hormones in them. In fact, the sheer absence of hormones and chemical by-products in our beef is a big part of our flavor advantage!

The other key is our dry-aging process. Dry-aging is the pocess used by the best steakhouses in the world! Every Third Day beef order is properly aged!

Simply compare the Third Day Beef production process to that of the cattle being raised in today’s feed yards where you won’t find the Coastal Bermuda pastures and you will find chemicals added to their feed to force them to grow quicker as well as hormone implants and you’ll quickly understand the difference in the quality and taste of Third Day Beef!

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